Advantages and applications of servo electric cylinders

Characteristics of electric cylinder:
Closed loop servo control, with a repeated positioning accuracy of 0.01mm;
Precision control of thrust, adding pressure sensors, with a control accuracy of up to 3 ‰;
It is easy to connect with control systems such as PLC, pulse control or bus multi axis control, to achieve high-precision motion control.
Low noise, energy-saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, ultra long service life, simple operation and maintenance.
The electric cylinder can operate without faults in harsh environments and has a protection level of up to IP66.
Long term work, achieving high intensity, high speed, high-precision positioning, smooth movement, and low noise.
Low cost maintenance:
Electric cylinders only require regular grease lubrication when working in complex environments, and there are no vulnerable parts that require maintenance or replacement, which will reduce a significant amount of after-sales service costs compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The best alternative to hydraulic cylinders and cylinders: electric cylinders can completely replace hydraulic cylinders and
The cylinder has the advantages of being more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and cleaner, making it easy to connect with control systems such as PLC.
1. No need for complex complete system support; (including pumps, pipelines, valves, filters, many joints, etc.);
2. It can save a lot of space and work safely and reliably without maintenance;
3. No oil pollution, significantly reduce noise, and maintain a clean/quiet working environment;
Configuration flexibility:
Can provide very flexible installation configurations, a full range of installation components: installation front flange, rear flange, side flange, rear hinge, ear shaft installation, guide module, etc; It can be installed in a straight line or parallel with the servo motor; Various attachments can be added
Components: limit switches, planetary reducers, pre tightening nuts, etc; Drive options include AC brake motor, DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor
Application industry:
Applied in industries such as aviation, automotive, power, petrochemicals, machinery, etc; Can be used for precise linear positioning, coordinate manipulator, winding adjustment, synchronous drive, parallel mechanism, vertical lifting and other occasions.
*The doors of warships and aircraft are opened, the height of seats is adjusted, the execution mechanism of weapon follow-up systems, and the test lifting brackets are installed;
*Automated production lines, automated assembly lines, various robotic arms, packaging machines, mold position control and clamping, linear feed mechanisms, textile equipment winding machine indexing, CNC machine tools, presses, positioning.

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